Ziva KO'd Cold - 2 vs 1 Boxing MP4

Hit the Mat

Ziva vs Mewchii and Christian, the final act is here. Ziva is brutally double teamed, as Christian holds her up while her sister Mewchii pounds her face and stomach. Ziva's nose is bloody and her brains scrambled, punch drunk from the vicious beating. With one final uppercut to the chin, Mewchii knocks Ziva out COLD as she crashes down limp to the canvas. Then Mewchii and Christian put their feet on the unconscious Ziva for a victory pose!
We end with a flashback to earlier in the day, Christian and Mewchii planning the betrayal..and why.
(Preview clip is the final slide)

See the previous clips and more mixed boxing at - https://htmwrestling.com/category/boxing/mixed-boxing

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Ziva KO'd Cold - 2 vs 1 Boxing MP4

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